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Re: Aha2940 SCSI card support? (Also attendant SCSI Seagate drives)

"Gregg Levine" writes:
> Now a new problem. The CD that I created from the image on the default
> ftp site, happens to be booting only on a system wearing IDE based
> drives, that includes a CD drive as well as the regular HD one.
> (Incidentally the original CD drive was actually a CD-R/W type of
> drive.)

Does this mean it won't boot on a machine with SCSI?  Or that you've 
only tried it on a box with IDE drives?

> Is there some way to properly master a CD image that will boot no
> matter what sort of system its put on? Please note that the only
> NetBSD system is the one we are discussing.

I think you'll have better luck in getting a helpful answer if you 
describe your system (is it "the one we are discussing" or a 
different one??) in a bit more detail...  (The standard kernels 
should handle a lot of different SCSI adapters, including the 2940.)


Greg Oster

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