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Re: Text disappears in Firefox/Thunderbird

Tobias Nygren wrote:

There's still 2D acceleration that may be buggy with some chips. For
example the "nv" driver has caused rendering problems in firefox for me
in the past.

Look for something like:

Section "Device"
  Option     "NoAccel" "True"

Using the above option fixed the problem, yet made scrolling unbearably slow. So unless there is some fix for that, I guess I'm stuck with the text problem.

I'm using the radeon driver, for what it's worth.

My Xorg log identifies my chip as follows:

(--) RADEON(0): Chipset: "ATI Radeon 9800SE AH (AGP)" (ChipID = 0x4148)

I don't suppose a fix is currently available, but it's nice to pinpoint my problem, to some degree. Thanks a lot for your help.

-Alex Hanson

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