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Re: Text disappears in Firefox/Thunderbird

Tobias Nygren wrote:

Some thoughts:
1) Did you install meta-packages/modular-xorg-fonts?
2) Does "fc-cache -v" followed by "fc-list" list all the fonts properly?
3) Does disabling acceleration in the X server make any difference?


1) Yes.

2) Seems to. I have the MS core fonts installed because I'm most comfortable with them for web use. So while non-MS fonts have entries like this:

Nimbus Mono L:style=Bold

MS fonts are polluted with style details that don't display properly:


That was copied from rxvt-unicode. xterm yields garbage too, just in ASCII instead of unicode.

My current Firefox preferences indicate that I want to use the MS fonts. Changing the font settings to all use Nimbus Mono L, I experience the same result. So the fc-list listing is buggy, but not the source of my problem.

3) I don't have DRI enabled. Is there some other setting I should check for?

Thanks for your help thus far
-Alex Hanson

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