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Re: Trouble with ral(4)

Zoran Kolic <> schrieb:
> Some more info is needed. The proper name is wpa_supplicant.
> You should populate it with lines to match your network.
> Also, you could go around with ifconfig and let it have all
> it asks for, but the first option is much easier.
> Post what kind of AP you have and details on configuration.
> Best regards

Ok, so the AP is a TL-WR340GD by TP-Link. I've set it up to be
associated with via WPA2 and CCMP/TKIP with a PSK. On the client
side, I use wpa_supplicant (wpa_cli to read its messages) with a
minimal wpa_supplicant.conf containing only SSID and the PSK. As
said, the first time after boot associating works with ral(4(. For
whatever reason, the connection might drop (i.e. ifconfig saying
"no network") after some minutes, and I'm unable to reassociate
until after a reboot, getting the messages I mentioned in the first
post on this.

What I probably should have said is that exactly the same setup
works flawlessly with a rum(4)-device instead of ral(4).


-- Dennis den Brok

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