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Re: Trouble with ral(4)

> Ok, so the AP is a TL-WR340GD by TP-Link. I've set it up to be
> associated with via WPA2 and CCMP/TKIP with a PSK. On the client
> side, I use wpa_supplicant (wpa_cli to read its messages) with a
> minimal wpa_supplicant.conf containing only SSID and the PSK. As
> said, the first time after boot associating works with ral(4(. For
> whatever reason, the connection might drop (i.e. ifconfig saying
> "no network") after some minutes, and I'm unable to reassociate
> until after a reboot, getting the messages I mentioned in the first
> post on this.
> What I probably should have said is that exactly the same setup
> works flawlessly with a rum(4)-device instead of ral(4).

I also had a problem with ralink. Making change to atheros
gave me a reason to be happy. ar5212 chp is good enough for
wpa2 aes.


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