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Re: Trouble with ral(4)

> I'm having a little trouble with a Conceptronic C54RC. It attaches
> and I'm able to associate with an access point, but only the first
> time after boot. When trying to reassociate at a later point,
> wpa_cli spits out "<2> Trying to associate with [...]" messages in
> an interval smaller than the usual 10 seconds or so until timeout,
> and timeout messages are never printed. Any clou why this might
> be? It's on NetBSD 4.0.0_PATCH with GENERIC_LAPTOP (seems necessary
> in order for the card to attach at all).

Some more info is needed. The proper name is wpa_supplicant.
You should populate it with lines to match your network.
Also, you could go around with ifconfig and let it have all
it asks for, but the first option is much easier.
Post what kind of AP you have and details on configuration.
Best regards


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