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Re: raidframe: Parity is dirty after every reboot

Christian Baer writes:
> Michael Lorenz wrote:
> > The raidframe manual recommends to use shutdown -r now instead of reboot 
> > since the latter doesn't run shutdown scripts and that way doesn't 
> > properly shut down the RAID.
> Bin there, done that. :-)
> Even after a 'shutdown -r now' (just tried that) the system comes up and 
> says the parity is dirty. Rebuild is already runnung (and slowing down 
> the system somewhat).
> Any other ideas? Could it be the way I used the partitions after all?

My guess is your cgd isn't getting unconfigured during shutdown...

RAIDframe knows that "something still has a partition open", and so 
won't have marked parity as "clean".  (and it won't mark it as clean 
until the last open partition is closed..)


Greg Oster

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