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Re: Using Minicom with /dev/ttyU0

2008/4/27 Michael van Elst <>:
> ("Charles L. Nelson") writes:
>  >Hi,
>  >Thanks for your effort, but that did not work either.  I have the same
>  >issues with only one direction of transmission and the computer locking up.
>  dtyUX only helps for a device without modem signals.
>  But the issue could be flow control. Maybe using 'cu -f' helps, but
>  there is also the possibility that the USB driver cannot set the
>  port configuration. Please show the relevant parts of dmesg output.
>  Do you see USB errors on the console?

I've had weird behaviour with USB-2-serial adapters even under Windows
with one of our DNC programs. I think one should first prove the
viabity of the platorm using *real* serial port, eventually trying the
USB conversion later. The cabling to the device also could be an
issue, adding loopbacks at the PC side could help (try 1+4+6 and 7+8
on a DB9).

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