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Using Minicom with /dev/ttyU0

Hi, I've read that Minicom can be used just like HyperTerminal communicate
with an embedded system using a null modem cable.  But I have not been able
to get it to work.  I can receive data from the embedded system but I can't
seem to send any data.

The Minicom status line shows that Minicom is offline and nothing that I do
changes that condition.  Even when it is receiving data is still say's that
it is offline.  And when I exit from Minicom after attempting to connect
with the embedded system my NetBSD computer locks up and requires a reset.

I'm running NetBSD 4.0/AMD64 and the version of Minicom that I am using is
the current version from the amd64 pkg directory.  Also the USB comm Device
is a Belkin F5U049 USB to Serial port.

Thanks in advance...


Charles L. Nelson

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