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Re: NetBSD on the Asus EeePC: Status page


> Hi,
> I've committed a webpage describing NetBSD's support of the Asus EeePC:

I finally couldn't resist buying one.
So I went to the shop and grabbed a Black 4G.
I pluggued a 2GB SDcard and booted NetBSD 4.99.58 from an USB pen.

Here's what information I can add - all related to 4.99.58 though :
-Ethernet: If I start the EEE without a cable plugged, it is impossible to
get the link up back. I have to shutdown, plug the cable and boot again.
This also kind of happens with my wm0 based laptop (same NetBSD version).

- WiFi: I had to apply the extra patches. Since then, the ath0 comes up,
but trying to connect to my "WPA2 Personnal" wireless network gives a lots
of "Michael MIC failure detected". This makes the connection unuseable.

- X: both xf86-video-i810-1.7.4 and xf86-video-intel-2.2.1nb1 work but I
had to install/configure 915resolution-0.5.2 to be able to get the 800x480

- DRI: works ; glxgears give ~310FPS.

- USB: USB ports and SDcard ports works. USB is used to boot NetBSD, and
SDcard contains a 2GB SD card. I can access the MSDOS formatted SD's

- Suspend/Resume: with X started, I ran "zzz" in an XTerm. The box went
asleep (power LED blinks). Pushing the power button gave me my X session

- ACPI: I get a lot of errors, that fills my `dmesg`:
ACPI Error (exmutex-0483): Cannot release Mutex [MUEC], not acquired
ACPI Error (psparse-0631): Method parse/execution failed
ACPI Error (psparse-0631): Method parse/execution failed
ACPI Error (psparse-0631): Method parse/execution failed [\_SB_.PCI0.CBST]
(Node 0xc17baac0), AE_AML_MUTEX_NOT_ACQUIRED
ACPI Error (psparse-0631): Method parse/execution failed
[\_SB_.PCI0.BAT0._BST] (Node 0xc17babc0), AE_AML_MUTEX_NOT_ACQUIRED
acpibat0: failed to evaluate _BST: AE_AML_MUTEX_NOT_ACQUIRED

If anyone cares, I stored things (log, conf, DRM-kernel, ...) here :

I also did a few video/audio testings :-)
Using Mplayer, I could read a 720x480 DVD movie ... well:
- with default parameters, it lags a bit.
- with "magic" parameters ("-quiet -autosync 30 -framedrop -vo xv,x11,vesa
-ao sun", thanks a lot Magnus ;-), it goes perfectly smooth.
Same thing with an Xvid converted DVD movie.
Using Mplayer, I also played an MP3 file. "Fn volume" keys working out of
the box is just gorgeous.


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