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Re: NetBSD on the Asus EeePC: Status page

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Joel CARNAT wrote:

| What's the global feedback from people using it ?
| What is it good for, what not ?

I treat it as a larger PDA.  Seriously.  :)

One that I can ssh from, or to if I need.  Or do a quick bit of work on
if it's not too much in disk or memory or CPU.  Realistically, it is
more of a always-ready-to-boot-fast ssh console for me most days.

| Don't take me wrong, I'm not wondering if it's worth having NetBSD running
| on it. Of course, it is - I buy hardware only if it does/may/might run
| NetBSD :-) I'm just wondering if (or trying to get convinced that) it's
| not just a toy that will end on your (or my ;-) desk corner.

Perhaps we should tell Asus that we are running NetBSD on it, once it
runs it solidly?  I'm certain they'll not care, since it runs Linux,
after all.

- --Michael

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