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ypbind can't connect to ypserv on NIS master server

Hello all.

I recently configured a box to run as a NIS master (NetBSD 4.0 xen3
domU) server in my LAN. I followed the how-to in this link:

It worked well, clients could connect and users could login. Then, I
stopped services in the server to change some configuration. When I
restart then, I realized that ypbind couldn't connect to ypserv - it
stucked forever.

Here are the lines I have in rc.conf:


(there is also yppasswd, but having it or not doesn't change this
strange behavior)

rpcbind and ypserv start ok, but ypbind doesn't. I need to Ctrl-C it.
The most strange thing is that, while ypbind looks for the server, I
can't ping (like ypbind, it also myself neither the external IP nor

Also, clients start ypbind fine - they find ypserv and rpcbind running
on the server! Though, I cannot connect using users that was added in
the NIS master server: can't finish make in /var/yp because it complains
about not connecting to ypbind.

I did the `ypinit -m` configuration as that page described, set correct
domainname, started services and put them in rc.conf.

When querying about solutions to this problems, I found this thread:

But this seems not to be related to my problem.

Any help? Thank you.

Silas Silva

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