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Network card prevents system from booting

Hi, All.

I have a problem booting NetBSD 4.0 on one of the pre-historic boxes. The 
is as following - in normal case netbsd boots normally, using raid and 
that is in the box. But if I plug an ISA Network card it just prints:
booting hd0a:netbsd (howto 0x1000)
8799868+407396+353844 [436016+420212]=0x9f11b8
kenter: 0x00002000
acpi: wakecode is installed at 0x2000, size=376
BIOS CFG: Model-SubM-Re: fc-01-00, 0x74<EBDA,KBDINIT,RTC,IC2>
And just hangs here forever. I though that that might be pcibios or acpi
problem (to boot openbsd on the same box I had to disable pcibios via boot -c),
but the problem is that I even can not boot with "boot -c" since it just hangs 
Any suggestions?

P.S Rebuilding the kernel is not a good way out since that will take ages on 
that box ;)

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