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Re: Hardware status for IBM X3550 (dmesg)

On Mon, 21 Jan 2008, Quentin Garnier wrote:
    Does any other BSD (or Linux) support ServeRAID?  Is proper
documentation available for it.  I don't have any money for hardware at
the moment, but I'd be interested in working on this if hardware
documentation is available.

There is a Linux driver, present at least in SLES 10 and some RHEL,
and IBM provides it originally, and you can find updates on IBM's web

I seem to remember that someone posted an initial stab at a driver quite a while ago now.

IBM themselves use Linux to do the automated installed (ServerGuide).

I happen to have done raw performance tests the past week because of a
project at work involving that very system, and I can't say I'm
impressed with the speed, at least with SATA disks.

The S-ATA RAID1 performance on (e.g.) x3250 sucks (even under Windows). The full on ServeRAID RAID-5 with 15k SAS disks is a different matter...


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