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Re: Hardware status for IBM X3550 (dmesg)

On May 7, 10:34pm, Stephen Borrill wrote:
} On Mon, 21 Jan 2008, Ulrich Habel wrote:
} > I managed to get a grip on a IBM xSeries 3550 with SAS harddrives. I
} > planned to use it for Xen, however NetBSD wasn't able to detect the SAS
} > drives. I've attached a dmesg output for information. I don't plan to do
} > any further testing.
} >
} > NetBSD-4.0 has been booted
} [snip]
} > vendor 0x9005 product 0x0286 (RAID mass storage, revision 0x02) at pci11 
dev 0 function 0 not configured
} This is an IBM ServeRAID card (ServeRAID 8k-l to be precise). We don't 
} have any ServeRAID support which, historically, has crippled our IBM 
} support. The 3550 comes with the 8k-l already fitted and you can't remove 
} it or you'll get a CPU failure message at boot time (though there was a 
} rumour of BIOS fix for this).
} We could do with ServeRAID support. I'd been willing to donate hardware 
} and/or funds towards development.

    Does any other BSD (or Linux) support ServeRAID?  Is proper
documentation available for it.  I don't have any money for hardware at
the moment, but I'd be interested in working on this if hardware
documentation is available.

}-- End of excerpt from Stephen Borrill

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