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Re: 3.1 -> 4.0, further issues

Just a few thoughts.

In an earlier mail, you mentioned this error:

  "Can't stat '/dev/rad0s3e'(No such file or directory) Can't stat '/dev/
rad0s3e'(No such file or directory)"

I must say that "ad0s3e" (and "rad0s3e") looks like the name of a FreeBSD 
device / slice / partition to me.  (No wonder fsck couldn't find it.)  Did 
you accidentally type in the name of the FreeBSD slice (ad0s3) somewhere 
in the installer?

   I can't say exactly what you should tell the installer to use instead 
(wd0 -something?) but this looks like the main problem..

> I must note though that after I had done this, I tried the upgrade again. It 
> seemed to go smoothly, but when I was done
> 1) I still encounter a hang at "warning: no /dev/console" on reboot into the 
> supposedly upgraded system, and

Basically, you upgraded a broken install.  After a succesful upgrade, it's 
still broken.

> 2) Yet again, the FreeBSD partition type was changed to NetBSD!
> It would seem the NetBSD installer is definitely doing something it shouldn't 
> ... but why?

Hmm.  I'm guessing that the NetBSD installer is seeing the FreeBSD 
partition as a NetBSD one, and assumes it's okay to mess with it.  Isn't a 
FreeBSD sysid actually listed as "FreeBSD/386BSD/Old NetBSD" or something?

   It *seems* like the installer takes the opportunity to "upgrade" the 
partition type to the normal value, when it sees the "old type".  But 
that's just me guessing.

Good luck, (and hope the new year works better than the previous) :-)


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