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named problem (evbarm)


I have a NetBSD 4.0 system (evbarm) which works pretty well except for

When I "/etc/rc.d/named start", the command never returns.  Two named
processes are created, but no socket for port 53 is created, so named
does not work at all.

When I run named directly, two named processes are created and named
stays in the foreground.

If I ktrace -i named, the final lines are:

   749      1 named    RET   __sysctl 0
   749      1 named    CALL  mprotect(0x23201000,0x1000,0)
   749      1 named    RET   mprotect 0
   749      1 named    CALL  mlock(0x23200000,0x4f0)
   749      1 named    RET   mlock 0
   749      1 named    CALL  gettimeofday(0x231fff80,0)
   749      1 named    RET   gettimeofday 0
   749      1 named    CALL  select(6,0x233fff98,0x233fff78,0,0)
   749      2 named    SAU   blocked, event=[<ctx=0x233ffd00, id=1, cpu=0>]
   749      2 named    CALL  sa_yield

The first named process is in piperd and the second one in select.

My kernel is 4.0RC3 and the problem exists with both RC3 and release
binaries, with named built locally and one downloaded from

Any ideas?



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