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Re: failed to create llentry

Roy Marples <> writes:

>> I am unclear on the fine points, but in general find wpa_supplicant to
>> be way too painful to deal with.  It really seems like it should be able
>> to be started by default,

(I realize wpa_supplicant is not your fault, and the code you did write
does the right thing when invoked with no arguments.  Really, I
appreciate that.)

> It is painful without a good setup, yes.
> It can be started by default if the user so chooses.

I guess where I am coming from is that it would be nice if there was
wpa_supplicant support without having to explicitly enable it.

> So I see sysinst network config coming down to this:
> Auto-start wireless Y/N
> Auto-configure addresses Y/N
> If auto-start wireless is Y, or autoconfigure addresses is N, spawn
> dhcpcd-curses to handle both.
> You don't actually pick an interface by default.

That's a fair point.

> I don't even propose we have an advanced section - you want anything
> more, drop to the shell and do it.
> ifconfig and route are not hard, neither is editing resolv.conf.

That's true.    What is hard is getting wpa_supplicant to pass a psk to
the single ssid you can hear.

>> and exit if no wifi interfaces,
> Why?
> Hotplugging of wifi is a thing.
> Pinebooks are a really good example of having no networking at boot.
> I generally plug the stick and ethernet dongle/cable in after boot.

ok, I amend my remarks to "be dormant until a wifi interface appears,
consuming little resources"

>> and have some command-line wifi_choose program that prints out a list
>> of SSIDs, takes a number, and asks for a password, and stores both
>> the ssid and the password, and next time just connects.  Sort of like
>> how a mac works clicking on the wifi icon, but command line. And a
>> gui version would be fine too of course.  To me this is the biggest
>> NetBSD wifi usability issue, or perhaps it's just behind USB wifi
>> adaptors being slightly flaky.
> By GUI you mean X11 based? dhcpcd-{gtk,qt} satisfy this on BSD at least.

yes, more or less.

> dhcpcd-curses is a thing, but it's currently just a monitor.

If it could choose an ssid and pass in a psk (to wpa_supplicant), that
would be excellent.

> Now I have a pinebook I can concentrate on fixing some recent
> dhcpcd/netbsd/platform bitrot with shared IP address and then work on
> dhcpcd-curses once more now I have a working NetBSD environment with
> wireless once again.

I think many people would be happy if the install process could walk
people through choosing an ssid and typing in the psk and having wifi
basically work, without them having to understand wpa_supplicant.

I concur iwth Maya's point about the insanity of having to tell
wpa_supplicant to use the config file in the standard location.  It
seems obvious to me that if run with no arguments, it should daemonize,
log to syslog, deal with all interfaces, and use the standard config
file....  And I realize that of course isn't your fault either :-) and I
should probably code more and complain less.

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