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Re: failed to create llentry writes:

> What are these messages about?
> whenever my connection doesn't work, I need to tinker with manual
> configuration and it prints a lot of that in dmesg.
> I am using wifi from a distance.

ARP (IPv4) and NDP (IPv6) data is stored in the routing table with the L
flag.  I have seen llentry (or llinfo?) errors before, when the address
resolution code is not able to create the routing able entry it wants.
Perhaps this is because there is another entry with the same key
already, but a different type.

If you want to send me full routing table dumps (netstat -nr) and
ifconfig, I can look at it.  But I wonder if you are doing something odd
(basically, anything other than configuring an address/prefix on one
interface, and a default route, and letting routing/resolution deal with
the rest).  In particular, I wonder if you are running anything like

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