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Re: failed to create llentry

On 21/11/2018 17:18, wrote:
I use wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd. When dhcpcd fails to configure the
network I start doing it manually. I don't really pay attention to when
the errors occur but I'll try to keep a closer track about when they

dhcpcd will mysteriously fail while I am connected with wpa_supplicant,

How does it mysteriously fail?

so I'd kill it and do:
pkill -9 dhcpcd

That's quite harsh.

route -n flush
route -n flushall

dhcpcd -k
should do this (and remove any addresses or anything else it added) if you don't pkill -9 it.

ifconfig iwm0 local-ip-i-should-have
route add default gateway

Usually when these problems happen one of the following occurs too:
- wpa_supplicant will complain it can't assign an address every hour or
   so, and network traffic will stop for a bit

wpa_supplicant doesn't assign any kind of address by itself.
Can you post some context?

- I'll accidentally restart wpa_supplicant before killling all network
   traffic and get a kernel panic

Backtrace would be nice.

I guess wpa_supplicant does more than I want to do and run into
conflicts with manual setup.

Often my urtwn firmware fails for some unknown reason. It's not the most stable stick on my network, but it work in my pinebook. My solution is to remove and insert the stick until the firmware loads correctly.
To allow this to work, I setup wpa_supplicant in plug and play mode.

wpa_supplicant_flags="-B -M -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf"

This tells wpa_supplicant to background, match any interface and use the stated config file.
dhcpcd runs with default flags and config.

I've been plugging in and removing in no set order the usb wifi stick and a usb ethernet dongle and it just works * (there is an issue with IP address sharing, unsure if platform, dhcpcd or kernel issue - I'll be fixing this once I have a working desktop on the pinebook).

* Sometimes either interface gets an IPv4LL address which means carrier is "UP" but there's another issue such as firmware failure or the ethernet over power adpater needs a reboot. In any case, no manual address setup or routing is needed.


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