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Re: Building PCC for "tools" is broken (missing symbol __USE)- PCC bug or NetBSD source tree error?

On Mon, 18 Aug 2014, William D. Jones wrote:

> > also, you should probably use HAVE_GCC=48 since that is the version in
> > use, and the version number is checked sometimes for various features
> I removed the conditional logic for MKGCC. I'll give a more complete update
> later, but believe it or not, setting HAVE_GCC=48 while MKGCC=no and MKPCC=yes
> actually causes the variable ${EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR} (lib/Makefile, line 9) to
> not be expanded AT ALL when searching for libgcc to add to the list of build
> targets. This baffles me, because in $NETBSD_SRC/share/mk has an
> else statement which should prevent this at line 86-88, but the logic is not
> firing. Setting HAVE_GCC=4 SEEMS to solve the problem- at least, libgcc gets
> added to the list of targets and is found.

I think there is too much MKGCC conditional logic

Firstly, doesn't set EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR if MKGCC=no .. the
.endif could move up a paragraph I think.

Then inside the libgcc directory there is some logic. I think the libgcc
directory should not be descended into if it is not required, rather than
descending into it and deciding we want out.


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