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Re: Building PCC for "tools" is broken (missing symbol __USE)- PCC bug or NetBSD source tree error?

On Wed, 13 Aug 2014, William D. Jones wrote:

> The error to which I refer to (cannot find -lgcc) also occurs now, even when I
> set HAVE_PCC=1 while building libc... it seems that there is a depedency
> problem that has crept into the NetBSD source tree the past few days, because
> me receiving complaints about a missing libgcc when only building the PCC
> tools only started in the 2 to 4 days.

I am not sure about this recent addition, you might have a contaminated
objdir, do you start from empty dir?

I am thinking about this setup you are trying for..

Firstly, if GCC is being used to build something, then I think that it
will always add -lgcc to the linker command. This is because it
uses that to provide support for specific features (the code it produces
calls routines in there to do things, such as floating point math)

Then, in lib/Makefile, we don't build libgcc if MKGCC==no but perhaps we
should (if ACTIVE_CC==gcc then it will be needed during the build if not
the runtime)

if you force libgcc to be built (comment out the MKGCC conditional in
lib/Makefile) will it continue?

also, you should probably use HAVE_GCC=48 since that is the version in
use, and the version number is checked sometimes for various features


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