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Re: Building PCC for "tools" is broken (missing symbol __USE)- PCC bug or NetBSD source tree error?

On Sun, 3 Aug 2014, William D. Jones wrote:

> Have B. Harder's ("Re: pcc build error that has been outstanding for a few
> days...") changes been added to the main tree yet?

No, I've been away sailing amongst the islands :)

> Perhaps PCC will be ready by the time NetBSD 7 is released- there's still time
> to make sure it works!

PCC is getting better all the time

> Sadly, I do not know enough about the context of replacements you are trying
> to make to feel comfortable editing this myself.

the script basically changes the RCS ID tags which are used by the PCC CVS
server to make them inactive (remove the $ at each end) and inserts RCS ID
tags for the NetBSD server to use. This means that the NetBSD server will
not modify the version number when any changes are made. This entire part
is irrelevant if you just want to work with PCC-current sources locally

Then, the script creates a config.h file and comments out several target
dependent options, which will be provided by the NetBSD build system
during compilation (so we can build for different targets without remaking
a config.h file)


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