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Problems and questions on 7.99.1

Following the corrruption of my USB-stick installation of NetBSD-current amd64 
(6.99.44), I used my USB-stick installation of NetBSD-6.99.44 i386, base system 
with no packages, to build and install NetBSD-current amd64 and i386 on two 
hard drive partitions (GPT).

Even with 32 MB RAM, building userland and GENERIC kernel, including native X, 
took from 16:10:00 UTC to 21:26:21 on Mon Aug 11 to build for amd64 and 9:44:18 
to 14:06:42 on Aug 12 to buid for i386.

I realize that from i386 without PAE, I had effectively 4 GB RAM, not 32 GB.

I set up nonroot account and found I could not access man page because file in 
/tmp could not be created, permission denied, but it worked when I made 
/home/arlene/mydir and export TMPDIR=/home/arlene/mydir (nonroot user here 
being arlene).

I also could not startx because of permissions problem on /var/log/Xorg.0.log .

I never had this particular problem before on any multiuser OS: NetBSD, Linux, 
FreeBSD, OpenBSD.

Has anybody else noticed this?

I could startx as root, only with DRMKMS, but mouse was dead (not detected), 
though I was able to set up a surrogate mouse with x11/xkbset from pkgsrc.

I can't copy-and-paste with the mouse on DRMKMS text console, but moving the 
mouse makes some characters disappear from the screen, so I know the mouse is 
sort of detected.

That was better that what I had with modular (pkgsrc) Xorg, where X woudn't 
start at all, could not find any screens.

I was really expecting to get 6.99.49 or 6.99.50 rather than 7.99.1, though I 
knew the branching was nigh.

Now I could continue to update HEAD (7.99.x) or switch to releng netbsd-7 .  I 
don't want to have to rebuild all packages on amd64 installation now.

I suppose releng-7 might be the stabler choice, and more testing is needed from 
many users before NetBSD-7.0_RELEASE is ready.


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