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Re: built failure of current userland

Riccardo Mottola wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have one last attempt to try: pkgsrc installed freetype2 too!
>> Interestingly however, it is requried by gtk,, fontconfig, pango, 
>> windowmaker, thunderbird. That is, half of my system.I will remove 
>> evertything. However I wonder why the system one is not used.. perhaps 
>> due to updates? I'll try. I need a base system again!
>Of course it didn't work. thus it wasn't pkgsrc
>To be extra-sure, I removed the externa/mit and the x11 in my src tree 
>and -rechecked it out.

Are you updating the xsrc tree as well as the src one ?

When you get things to work, I would also delete and rebuild the
osabi-NetBSD-* and x11-links-* packages after you have updated your
base x11.

Robert Swindells

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