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X Leaving Display Blank

(resending without logs to avoid size limit)

   I have an amd64/current system, previously limping along on a
Feb 26 snapshot, which I updated (sysinst upgrade) right after the
ssh/random fix went in. Now whenever I start X (from current xsrc),
the display (LCD) goes totally black for a moment, as expected,
the backlight comes back on, but the display remains blank. I can
still switch wscons screens and type commands and see their effects
(e.g. reboot), but the display remains blank. I know that X keeps
running, but killing it doesn't bring back the display. I just
updated to a snapshot from this morning, but no change.

                                        Gary Duzan

p.s. I was also able to provoke panics by running tests on the
     snapshots, but I'll see about reporting that in more detail
     over the weekend.

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