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Re: X Leaving Display Blank

On Fri, 09 Mar 2012 20:12:19 -0500
Gary Duzan <> wrote:

> (resending without logs to avoid size limit)
>    I have an amd64/current system, previously limping along on a
> Feb 26 snapshot, which I updated (sysinst upgrade) right after the
> ssh/random fix went in. Now whenever I start X (from current xsrc),
> the display (LCD) goes totally black for a moment, as expected,
> the backlight comes back on, but the display remains blank. I can
> still switch wscons screens and type commands and see their effects
> (e.g. reboot), but the display remains blank. I know that X keeps
> running, but killing it doesn't bring back the display. I just
> updated to a snapshot from this morning, but no change.
>                                       Gary Duzan
> p.s. I was also able to provoke panics by running tests on the
>      snapshots, but I'll see about reporting that in more detail
>      over the weekend.

This somewhat at first glance looks like my xsrc/46138, but in my case
X11 just initializes the display and dies, so switching VT isn't enough
to bring the console back.  This was after the noretro option was added
such that the screen be initialized with a black background instead of
the gray stipples.  But that's netbsd-6, and I didn't yet investigate
where exactly X11 quits or crashes.  It also could be specific to a
Radeon fill function bug.

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