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Re: X11 strangeness: amd64, FC15 remote display

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

Are you sure xf86-video-nv supports the graphics card? It doesn't support new models.

My memory is hazy on this.  This machine (and its video card) are several
years old.  I last ran NetBSD/amd64 on it about 2 years ago (it's in a
classroom and mostly runs the latest headgear-themed penguinOS).  At that
time, it worked OK, but I may have been using the VESA driver--I don't

In its present state, it operates well using the built-in defaults
without any "xorg.conf" file at all.  I'll have to grab the Xorg.0.log
file for that, but IIRC, it's using "nv" to drive the card, although in
a basic mode (same display on both outputs).  I was hoping to be able
to tweak options and settings in "xorg.conf" to see if I could make it
properly dual-headed, but if it finds any "xorg.conf" file at all, it

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