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Re: X11 strangeness: amd64, FC15 remote display

On Thu, 13 Oct 2011, John D. Baker wrote:

difference on my host.  Furthermore, now (again without any "xorg.conf"
file) the X server starts, but I have no keyboard or mouse at all
(USB-only intel board).  I'm in the process of building it again
after another update.

OK, this turned out to be the result of a stale "xorg.conf" file that
was accidentally copied to the "/etc" directory.  I was trying to force
"DontZap", "DontVTSwitch" and "DontZoom" to "off" since originally,
the server behaved as if they defaulted to "on", but I couldn't define
any devices, or it would complain that it couldn't find them and exit

Deleteing the file (so it really doesn't have any configuration file)
lets Xorg run and it does allow vt-switching now.

The result of "X -configure" now properly generates a reasonable
single-device ("nv"), single-monitor, single-screen configuration file,
but it still complains that the number of screens doesn't match the
number of detected devices and claims "Configuration failed."

Attempting to use the freshly-generated configuration file causes the
server to exit claiming "no devices detected" even though Xorg.0.log
says otherwise.

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