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Re: X11 strangeness: amd64, FC15 remote display

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011, Jared McNeill wrote:

On Thu, 13 Oct 2011, John D. Baker wrote:
The result of "X -configure" now properly generates a reasonable
single-device ("nv"), single-monitor, single-screen configuration file,
but it still complains that the number of screens doesn't match the
number of detected devices and claims "Configuration failed."

I fixed this bug the other day, you'll need to grab a new Xorg binary.

I saw that, updated my sources and rebuilt everything, including all of
Xorg.  It still claims configuration failed, but now generates a baseline
"" that has only the "nv"-based device (before, it also
generated a "vesa" device with the same PCI locator) a single monitor
(instead of 2 monitors) and a single screen (instead of 2 screens--one
referencing the "nv"-based device and one referencing the "vesa" device)
and a ServerLayout that only references the one screen (instead of both
screens that the old one did).

Unless an update build (w/"-u") is not sufficient, which sadly it
sometimes is.  In which case, I'll have to try again.

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