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Re: (amd64) Strange browser problem

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011, Robert Swindells wrote:

I am now running 5.99.55 kernel+userland from July 28, and all of my
packages have been updated to mid-July.  With this combination,
firefox5 now fails to properly render many web pages.


Anyone got any clues on how I can debug and resolve this?

Bad fontconfig settings or dirty cache ?

Have you tried deleting ~/.fontconfig ?

I completely moved my ~/.fontconfig directory out of the way, logged out, and logged back in (via xdm). No change - still broken. And I noticed that a new .fontconfig directory did NOT get created - so I
moved the old one back.

What do you see if you try to use a scaled font in xterm ?

The following resources should make xterm use fonts in a similar way
to Firefox, substitute something like Luxi Mono if you don't have
Inconsolata installed.

XTerm.vt100.faceName:           inconsolata
XTerm.vt100.faceSize:           9

I did this with Luxi Mono and it appeared to work just fine.

I'm suspecting that the javascript issue might be the culprit here, although I don't know where that would get processed. It has been suggested prvately that it could be that the scripts just aren't properly being executed to provide their HTML output? (Does that make sense? I have no clue how JS works.)

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