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Re: (amd64) Strange browser problem

Paul Goyette wrote:
>I am now running 5.99.55 kernel+userland from July 28, and all of my
>packages have been updated to mid-July.  With this combination,
>firefox5 now fails to properly render many web pages.


>Anyone got any clues on how I can debug and resolve this?

Bad fontconfig settings or dirty cache ?

Have you tried deleting ~/.fontconfig ?

What do you see if you try to use a scaled font in xterm ?

The following resources should make xterm use fonts in a similar way
to Firefox, substitute something like Luxi Mono if you don't have
Inconsolata installed.

XTerm.vt100.faceName:           inconsolata
XTerm.vt100.faceSize:           9

Robert Swindells

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