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Re: TEMPer and TEMPerHUM usb thermometer driver


> so I will check their algorithms for calculating temperature and humidity
> against ours (unless someone beats me to it).

Haven't done this yet, but adding the signature match for my TEMperHUM gives

                 temp:     -4.260                                degC
                 temp:      4.700                                degC
                 temp:     18.020                                degC
    relative humidity:         31

so the values read for the TEMPerHUM (uthum5) look correct.  Adding some
debug to uthum_refresh() gave me:

  uthum5: read SHT1x data 0x16 0xb4 0x3 0xbe 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff
  uthum5: read SHT1x data 0x16 0xb4 0x3 0xbf 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff
  uthum3: read TEMPER data 0x11 0x80 0x31 0x0 0x14 0x0 0x53 0x0
  uthum1: read TEMPER data 0xe 0x0 0x31 0x0 0x14 0x0 0x53 0x0

so the data (*) read from the TEMPer1 (uthum1) and the TEMPer (uthum3) is
in a different format to that read from the TEMPerHUM.



(*) I know that we only use buf[0] and buf[1], but I printed out the other
values in case the data was shifted to another byte.

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