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Re: TEMPer and TEMPerHUM usb thermometer driver

Paul Goyette wrote:
> Thanks, plunky, for commiting the aprint's.
> As for the second problem (no sensors attached), can you rebuild with 
> the following patch and see what it says?

I haven't actually built with that specific patch, but based on some
debug printfs I added, I conclude it would print nothing when
attaching uthum0, and print "sensor type 0 unknown" attaching uthum1.

More specifically, uthum0 is ignored because sc->sc_flen is 0.  Then,
uthum1 is ignored because the signature read from the device in
uthum_check_sensortype() is 0x57 0x5a 0x14 0x00 0x14 0x00 0x53 0x00,
which matches neither of the two signatures the code checks for.

If I change uthum_check_sensortype() to accept the 0x57 0x5a 0x14 0x00
0x14 0x00 0x53 0x00 and return UTHUM_TYPE_SHT1x, I get the following
output from envstat:

                 Current  CritMax  WarnMax  WarnMin  CritMin Unit
         temp:    28.040                                     degC
     humidity:     15483

Andreas Gustafsson,

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