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Termcap/Terminfo change in vi behavior?

First of all, I must confess that I've only browsed the many threads on the issue of termcap-vs-terminfo but I don't remember seeing any mention of this....

I've just updated my amd64 5.99.24 (-current) system of Jan 21 to March 6. Everything seems to have gone well, except for the terminal "bell",
which no longer works inside of vi!

The bell works fine otherwise. If I'm running tcsh and try to use a left- or right-arrow key to edit beyond the ends of the current command line, the bell/buzzer sounds.

However, when in vi, I get only a "visual bell" when, for example, I press ESC while not in insert mode. Instead of the bell/buzzer, I get only a "blink" of the window.

Is there some magic invocation needed to make vi use the real bell? I have a very vague recollection of running into this (or similar) many many years ago, but none of the details are surfacing from the depths.

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