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Re: fsck seg fault failure on vmware -i386?

>   | I should be, but gdb is in /usr so I can copy it out...don't
>   | know about dependencies,
> It has a few libraries it needs

Is there an easy way to check which libraries it needs?

> Yes...   But fortunately not too much should be needed, I'd just really
> like to know what is failing in the time code to make sure that there
> aren't
> any more lingering bugs in there (the 64 bit code has been tested pretty
> throughly now in "normal" environments, but I suspect has seen less use
> in unusual circumstances than we're like - hence the problem that we have
> seen).

I REALLY need help with this...managed to make my repaired system
copy unbootable... will reconstitute and try again with some
expert advice...sigh...

>   | Christos had me copy localtime.c into src/sbin/fsck_ffs which
>   | for whatever reason did not crash and leave core...
> That is a problem, but please check to make sure that you're not using
> the new fixed version of localtime.

On this particular issue, I'm sure teh crash bug was still there
since I could turn crashes back on by not compiling with localtime.c
in the src/sbin/fsck_ffs directory.

Can you give me a date the changes went in? Ican make sure and pull
cvs from right before the check-ins if latest cvs does not exhibit the

> If you don't have time, and the problem has gone away for practical
> purposes
> for you with an up to date version of current (corrected localtime, and
> corrected fsck_ffs) then we can just write this off as one of those
> things,
> great to have found a problem, no idea why we found the problem type of
> issue - with just the lingering doubt that perhaps something is still not
> quite right under the hood.
>   | Using (modifying the src/lib/libc/Makefile ?); how can
>   | I make a debug version of libc (or at least the localtime.c pieces)?

I REALLY need help with this...managed to make my repaired system
copy unbootable trying to update libc... will reconstitute and try
again with some expert advice...sigh...

> Don't rely upon me for this, someone else who understands the build
> machinery better will be able to give a better answer, but I'd think
> that adding
> COPTS+=-g
> in src/lib/libc/Makefile might probably work (totally untested advice...)
> Whether that would result in a full release that would work is not
> important just whether it results in a libc that has symbols in it.
> But as I said, I don't think you will need this in any case, just
> localtime.
> But if you cannot make the corrected localtime crash, then I can't think
> of a reason why it would make a difference whether that localtime is in
> libc or in the fsck_ffs source - it is the same code compiled by the same
> compiler, it either works, or doesn't, either way - that's why copying the
> source file from libc into the application was a good (and easy) way to
> get it compiled with -g so gdb can look inside.

But behavior WAS different. Could the compile includes:
| > +CPPFLAGS+=-I${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc/include
| > +CPPFLAGS+=-I${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc/time

include a global variable or definition that prevents the crash?

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