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Re: fsck seg fault failure on vmware -i386?

> Are you in a position to actually run fsck under gdb, with a breakpoint on
> ctime(), and then step through the localtime() call and see what happens?
Hopefully not a lot of calls prior to dump call...

> If/when it returns NULL, which is what we're presuming, what test is it
> that causes that to happen?  - I am guessing that the call sequence will
> be,
> ctime -> localtime -> localsub -> gmtsub -> timesub ... if timesub()
> returns NULL (or is about to), the values in *tmp and any other variables
> in use about the place where it happens (and of course, what test is
> causing the NULL return) would be useful to know.   This is when /usr
> isn't there of course.

I should be, but gdb is in /usr so I can copy it out...don't know about
dependencies, will play some to see if I can get gdb running in
single user mode. Kinda annoying though since I can't copy/paste
or scroll back on the console.

To do what you ask, I'll need a debug version of libc.

Christos had me copy localtime.c into src/sbin/fsck_ffs which
for whatever reason did not crash and leave core...

Using (modifying the src/lib/libc/Makefile ?); how can
I make a debug version of libc (or at least the localtime.c pieces)?

>   | Question: Is there any way to unmount /usr in a networked multi-user
>   | state?
> Only by killing everything that was started that's using it - that's
> probably more trouble than it is worth.   But if you just need to get the
> network working so you can connect while in single user more (without
> /usr)
> that can be done, with a little fiddling, depending upon just what you
> need to be running.  You can manually ifconfig the interface, and start
> whatever processes are needed (perhaps copying what is needed from /usr to
> somewhere on root first).

Hmm. May look at it if time... be nice to not have to work in the
console window...

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