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Re: OSX virtualbox 3 beta still dumps core on NetBSD 5.0 release .iso

2009/6/22 David Young <>:
> x/i spllower,16

db{0}> x/i spllower,16
netbsd:spllower:                movl    0x4(%esp),%ecx
netbsd:spllower+0x4:    movl    %fs:0x1fc,%edx
netbsd:spllower+0xb:    cmpl    %edx,%ecx
netbsd:spllower+0xd:    pushl   %ebx
netbsd:spllower+0xe:    jnb             netbsd:spllower+0x2f
netbsd:spllower+0x11:   movl    %fs:0x1f8,%eax
netbsd:spllower+0x17:   testl   %eax,%fs:0x22c(,%ecx,4)
netbsd:spllower+0x1f:   movl    %eax,%ebx
netbsd:spllower+0x21:   jnz             netbsd:spllower+0x31
netbsd:spllower+0x24:                   %fs:0x1f8
netbsd:spllower+0x2c:   jnz             netbsd:spllower+0x11
netbsd:spllower+0x2f:   popl    %ebx
netbsd:spllower+0x30:   ret
netbsd:spllower+0x31:   popl    %ebx
netbsd:spllower+0x32:   jmp             netbsd:Xspllower
netbsd:spllower+0x37:   movl    %esi,%esi
netbsd:spllower+0x39:   leal    0(%edi),%edi
netbsd:cx8_spllower:    movl    0x4(%esp),%ecx
netbsd:cx8_spllower+0x4:                movl    %fs:0x1fc,%edx
netbsd:cx8_spllower+0xb:                cmpl    %edx,%ecx
netbsd:cx8_spllower+0xd:                pushl   %ebx
netbsd:cx8_spllower+0xe:                jnb             netbsd:cx8_spllower+0x2f

(again, I had to scrub it manually; maybe it's possible to redirect
the console onto a serial line or something; cut/paste does not work
with VBox, of course)


P. J. O'Rourke  - "If government were a product, selling it would be
illegal." -

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