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amd to mount ffs file system with wapbl?

Dear All,

I have 

/defaults       type:=ffs;opts:=log,nosuid,nodev

d0      dev:=/dev/sd0e

in /etc/amd/exthd

but when amd mounts the disk the mount command does not show the log

marko@prpad:~% mount
/dev/sd0e on /amd/.../mnt/exthd/d0 type ffs (nosuid, nodev, local)

After manually mounting the disk, mount does report the log option.

marko@prpad:~% sudo mount -o log,nosuid,nodev /dev/sd0e /mnt/exthd
marko@prpad:~% mount
/dev/sd0e on /mnt/exthd type ffs (nosuid, nodev, log, local)

Something I am missing?

Best regards and thanks for your hints...


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