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Re: [OT] Re: What netbook to you run NetBSD on? (-> netbook.xml)

On Wednesday 22 October 2008 01:46:36 Swift Griggs wrote:
> I have an Asus EeePC model 900. Supposedly, it's basically the same as the
> 70x but has a larger screen and a higher default clock speed (900Mhz). The
> ethernet interface works using current and the lii(4) driver. The wireless
> doesn't work unless you apply Jared's patch (for some reason, it's not in
> the kernel, yet.) However, it will only stay up for a few minutes before
> it stops passing traffic and refuses to function or be reset. For now, I
> use an external usb ral(4) based dongle. The latest pkgsrc's Xorg works
> very nicely on it and supports the native 1024x600 resolution. Sound
> works, also. Oddly, I've found that I can turn the volume up using
> mixerctl to much higher levels than are available when running XP. It's
> the first time the Azailia drivers have worked so well for me.

The 901 seems to be a different beast. I haven't tried the patch but wireless 
is secondary. To install I used an SMC usb -> ethernet converter.

The 901 has the atom processor running at 1.6Ghz, 1GB ram with a 4GB ssd and 
an 8GB ssd. I think this model only ships with windows. When I bought it, I 
actually didn't investigate the model, it was a spontaneous purchase :) ... 
and when I found windows installed, a bit of an accidental purchase (also $200 
more expensive).

I'm willing to leave netbsd installed if there is anyone interested (sorry for 
the cc Jared but you are the most relevant person). I'm also willing to 
install any required debugging tools from pkgsrc. My acer laptop has decided 
to play nice so I will prolly leave netbsd installed on the eee for a while, 
at least till the end of the week.


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