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Re: New build failure - wpa - port amd64

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008, Steve Woodford wrote:

On Monday 20 October 2008 14:22:04 Paul Goyette wrote:
Sources updated just a few minutes ago...

--- dependall-wpa ---
sha1.o: In function `hmac_sha1_vector':
sha1.c:(.text+0xda): undefined reference to `sha1_vector'
sha1.c:(.text+0x143): undefined reference to `sha1_vector'
sha1.c:(.text+0x185): undefined reference to `sha1_vector'
md5.o: In function `hmac_md5_vector':
md5.c:(.text+0xda): undefined reference to `md5_vector'
md5.c:(.text+0x143): undefined reference to `md5_vector'
md5.c:(.text+0x185): undefined reference to `md5_vector'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Can you provide some more information on your build environment? For
example, /etc/mk.conf and parameters.

Cheers, Steve

Not sure what the problem was, but nuking the $OBJDIR and building without -u (update) fixed it. No more problem; sorry for the noise.

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