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Re: vs. environment and mk.conf

    Date:        Wed, 24 Sep 2008 09:14:54 +0200
    From:        Alan Barrett <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  |     Would it be good or bad if cleared the environment, so
  |     that the only way to set variables that influence the build was
  |     through "-V variable=value" flags passed to, or through
  |     mk.conf?

For me, providing it is possible to set every conceivable env var
that way (including stuff like USER/LOGNAME PATH HOME ...) then no,
it makes no difference at all, either way is fine.  I suspect getting
PATH handling correct that way will be tricky though, after all, the
script might need an updated PATH to find getopt to find the -V
option that sets PATH to the value that allows getopt to be found ...

  |     Would it be good or bad if the default mk.conf file
  |     was ignored by, and if you had to specify "-V
  |     MKCONF=/path/to/mk.conf" if your really wanted to use a mk.conf
  |     file?

Aside from the var name error (that you corrected in a later message)
that one sounds like a real good idea to me. should build
the same thing every time for everyone, as much as is possible (and
unless very explicitly told otherwise).    You might have seen from
the script fragment I sent yesterday (or about then) that I always
use MAKECONF=/dev/null for exactly this reason.


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