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Re: postinstall wiped out my /etc/rc changes

On Sat, May 03, 2008 at 13:08:24 -0400, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

> Daniel Horecki wrote:
> > And what with rc.d/ files? E.g. I have xdm from pkgsrc, and every time
> > I had to use postinstall,
> > I have to to bring back that files.
> I suppose you could install rc.d scripts to /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d and set 
> rc_rcorder_flags in rc.conf, but I'm not sure how rcorder will handle a 
> duplicate script (which will take precedence).

Isn't etcupdate supposed to handle it?  I only ever use postinstall to
fix obsolete files.

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