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Re: postinstall wiped out my /etc/rc changes

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 6:38 PM, Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.
<> wrote:
>  On 3-May-08, at 9:52 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> >  I think it's more complex than that.  It isn't obvious -- at least not
> >  to me -- which files in /etc are "owned" by the system (and hence are
> >  fair game for auto-replacement), and which are owned by the
> >  administrator.  (I raised similar questions a few months ago about the
> >  power management scripts.)  We need a clear, clean way to make that
> >  distinction, and to make it obvious to the community.
> >
>  Like I said, anything that's a script or script fragment should be owned by
> the OS unless it has a name matching *.local.  Pretty much everything else
> is owned by the local host.
>  That way all executable code can be updated by an upgrade without any
> manual intervention unless it was supposed to be locally modifiable.
> Everything else should be updated by etcupdate, unless of course there's
> some transformation which can safely be performed by postinstall without
> losing any customizations.
>  The trick is knowing in advance where these .local hooks are needed and
> perhaps in some cases maintaining some semblance of a fixed API for them too
> (e.g. dhclient scripts where environment variables are expected, or rc
> scripts where environment and perhaps also available functions are
> expected).

And what with rc.d/ files? E.g. I have xdm from pkgsrc, and every time
I had to use postinstall,
I have to to bring back that files.


Daniel Horecki

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