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Re: help with bluetooth

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Dieter Baron wrote:

>   # btconfig -vvvv
> btconfig: HCI cmd (0c44) failed (status 1)

This failure I committed a fix for at the weekend, the READ_INQUIRY_MODE
command is no longer sent if the HCI version is too old to support it.
please update btconfig and try that again

>   Ah, I missed that.  From a quick test, it looks like my phone only
> supports OBEX level 1 (putting objects):
> # obexapp -c -a tim -C 10 -n get telecom/pb.vcf
> Could not connect to the remote OBEX server. Response: Unknown
> response (0x4c). Service: None

you may need to connect to FTRN service instead of OPUSH ?

>   I'll write this up so we can enhance the OBEX sub-section in the
> guide -- the link to the package is not very helpful in case of
> problems.



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