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Re: help with bluetooth

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Dieter Baron wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 10:19:06PM +0000, Iain Hibbert wrote:
> > 1. "btconfig ubt0 ptype 0x0018" - I don't know why but some devices seem
> >     to require this or something like. It limits the air packets to the
> >     bare minimum that its mandatory to support rather than what the device
> >     claims to support.
>   Yes, thank you, that helped.  I can now send an sdpquery, create a
> DUN connection, get files via obexftp and send files via obexapp.

Cool. can you show me output of 'btconfig -vvvv' please?  The kernel code
attempts to DTRT by reading the features and constructing the best value
but maybe the features lie (it has been known though I haven't seen a
device that does that). I'm not sure but using this value may cause slower
data transfer in a congested bluetooth area since it reduces the options

> > 5. You could try for incoming connections by setting up comms/obexapp and
> >    attempt to send something from the phone to the computer.
>   This, however, I cannot get to work.  I tried
> # obexapp -ds -C 10
> but the phone could not find any device when trying to send a note.
> Any hints on this one?  Or how to get notes via obexftp?  As far as I
> can tell, obexftp can only access items located in the phone's Gallary
> (images, sounds; but not notes or contacs).

The obexapp manpage has some information about extracting contacts, they
don't show up in the directory scans and I'm not sure which sync programs
work and how well as I've never investigated that (please let me know if
you get something working, we could add it to the guide)

Notes are just plain text files but the filename doesn't always come
through. If I send a note from a nokia phone to my laptop I just get
Nokia.txt appearing - for the other direction, the phone keeps a list of
notes someplace private. On a windows mobile phone you are just in the
'Bluetooth Share' folder and see whatever is there and I think filenames
are remembered.

in my /etc/rc.conf I use


and additionally you probably need to set the <Object Transfer> bit
0x100000 in the class of device setting as some Nokia phones filter the
inquiry results before displaying the list. I have:

        class: [0x12010c] Laptop Computer <Networking> <Object Transfer>

Oh, and of course you must be discoverable (enable inquiry scan)


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