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help with bluetooth


could someone please provide me with a step-by-step instruction how to
communicate with a Nokia 6233 via bluetooth?  I'm trying to sync the
contacts list, and send a note from/to the phone.

  All I get to work is a btconfig ubt0 inquiry:

Device Discovery from device: ubt0 .... 1 response
  1: bdaddr 00:1a:dc:5f:96:7b (tim)
   : name "Tim"
   : class: [0x520204] Cellular Phone <Networking> <Object Transfer>
   : page scan rep mode 0x01
   : clock offset 23772

  I've followed the instructions in the Guide
(, but every
other command listed there just hangs indefinitely.  I guess I make a
pretty stupid basic mistake, but I can't find any other hints on the

  I'm running NetBSD/i386 -current (as of about a week ago) on an IBM
Thinkpad T42p.


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