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Re: Time to change defaults for PKG_DBDIR

David Brownlee <> writes:

> As whatever is decided is baked into binary packages we have the choice of
> - Switch to new PKG_DBDIR: All new pkgsrc systems are good, some
> existing binary package using systems become split brain
> - Have binary pkg_install decide based on system (see previous
> suggestion). All new systems should be good and most old (more so than
> now)
> - Fix netbsd-10 to new, leave previous versions in their current mismatch

We also have a far simpler choice:

  Accept that we switched PKG_DBDIR over a year ago.

  Any system that does have its db in /usr/pkg/pkgdb is

    - due for migration

    - until then, the admin is responsible for setting PKG_DBDIR in
      mk.conf, /etc/pkg_install.conf and /usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf

The basic problem is that we can't change code on NetBSD 9.0 systems
that people are not updating along the stable branch.  Personally, I
don't think it's ok not to update along stable branches; that's how you
get security fixes and bugfixes.  But we have clear instructions for
what to do, and have had those instructions for well over a year.

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