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Re: Math/R package fix

> On Feb 17, 2022, at 3:02 PM, Dr. Thomas Orgis <> wrote:
> To clarify: -Wl,-R/foo/bar/lib is perfectly fine with GNU ld. No comma
> needed (expected?). I use it all the time. It's just like -L/foo. It's
> not `ld -R /foo`, but `ld -R/foo`. So this is only broken on systems
> that don't understand -R.

I’m confused by this, because here is an excerpt of a recent ld man page (  

-R filename
           For compatibility with other ELF linkers, if the -R option is
           followed by a directory name, rather than a file name, it is
           treated as the -rpath option.

It does have the space after -R and it does seem to imply that the -rpath option is the preferred one in this case of pointing to a directory. 

Perhaps actual implementations of ld are more lenient about the space than this indicates, but nonetheless it seems that -rpath should work everywhere.  By the way, this wording in the man page goes back to at least 1991.


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