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Re: Math/R package fix

Brook Milligan <> writes:

> The problem is in the flags used when an R package tries to link a
> shared library.  Currently, the flags include
> -Wl,-R/path/to/somewhere, which cannot ever work to my knowledge (it
> should have had a comma after the -R).  However, -R is not recognized
> on Darwin, so I believe it should be -rpath instead.

I am slightly fuzzy on this, but I see -R as the traditional way, which
works most places, and -rpath as the new way.   It is/was normal to
write -R/usr/pkg/lib just like -L/usr/pkg/lib, but with -rpath you may
need a space.

If you do a test build on a normal OS like NetBSD in addition to macOS
(surely you don't have a system that is Darwin but not macOS and I have
not heard of any Darwin activity for years, but if so that's very
interesting), and it works ok, then that seems fine.

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